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Built in 1876, renovated in 2006. Here You can see photos of the building, territory and it's history. Below the story about Bille and us.

About Bille - our family created and managed guest house:
In 1876 ​​Bille's complex was built by ambitious Spanish lady named Izabella, from whose name also derived Bille's name. Initially, here was a factory of spacial woolen fabric. (Later this factory was one of  "Aurora" branches.) From the resulting fabric were created beautiful hats and coats. Under the main part of the building, Izabella created Latvia's first hydro electric station (HES). We restored it in 2002 and in 2011 moved it to a nice lodge deeper in the territory. We made Bille's HES as ecologically friendly HES. The main channel starts from the river and goes right under the main building and then back to the river. Total length 1.5 km. 
The guest house opened for the first time in June 10, 2006 after great efforts of our family. The building had to be almost completely reconstructed - as valid was left only the facade and some of the inner walls. Project and design was made by the original owner Tamara herself. Really helped architect Zaiga Gaile. And the special soul of Bille was created by wonderful paintings on the walls, ceilings and facade - thanks to artist Astra Marija Reine. 
Also the area has changed beyond recognition !! Former brushwood, barns and waste mountains now are replaced by flowering 14 hectares of inner-land with huge pound, sports grounds, channels and forests.
Every year we do more gardening and start new projects to make Bille flourish in beauty. :)
We are also improving interior. Last ambitious reconstruction was carried out in the summer and winter of 2018. Still we have lots of big plans and beautiful dreams......
And that is the key - Bille is fully charged  with a great amount of work and family love ... You will certainly feel it :)